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The Great British Mortgage Swindle - Official Trailer

The Great British Mortgage Swindle [2018]

Country of Origin: British Isles.

Genre: Documentary Feature Film.

Producer-Directors: The Michaels of Bernicia & Deira.

Running time: 103 minutes.

Format: DCP / BluRay.

Rating: Rated 12A.

Ticket Price: £8.00 [20% discount].

Offer Expire: 25/05/2018.

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Once a screening has been confirmed, tickets booked for that location will only be good to enter that specific screening, whilst all those with tickets booked before confirmation must confirm when buying tickets the location of the screening of their choosing. If the date and venue for that screening have already been confirmed, the ticket cannot be used to obtain entry into another screening.

In the event you decide to see the film in a different location, you need to reply to the email you received after purchasing the tickets, stating clearly the name and date of the screening you wish to attend. If you reside outside the UK and are part of a group of at least thirty people who want to see the film in a cinema near you, please contact us using the form at the link below.

General Enquiries

Those who block-book 25% of the tickets sold at any venue nationwide, will win two free tickets to that screening, a limited edition TGBMS T shirt and a DVD of the film.

Full refunds are available until 24 hours before any confirmed screening. Venues and dates are subject to change until those details have been confirmed.


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